Language Center Tutors

Meet the Tutors!

Karen – ESL Tutor

Hi all, my name is Karen Nguyen.

I am an English tutor. I am a native English speaker and my family is from Viet Nam. I may be fluent in English, but I have struggled in the past to learn both French and Vietnamese, so I understand how hard it is to learn a foreign language!  I want to major in teaching and minor in history. I love reading and learning new things every day.  I hope to see you at the language center soon!

My name is Suzanne Howard, and I am a junior at Christopher Newport University. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English, with minors in German and Linguistics. I find all languages fascinating and love discovering how different languages are from one another. I was born in Massachusetts and learned English naturally, but have actively studied the language in my English and Linguistics classes. When I graduate, I plan to become an editor. Outside of school I love exploring new coffee shops, making leather wallets, and singing.

Lazokat Komilova CROP
Lazokat – ESL Tutor


My name is Lazokat and I am English tutor. I came to the United States when I was 8 years old, and I had to take ESL classes myself. The few years of being in ESL has given me an idea of what concepts work better for first time English learners. I try my best to make everything easier to understand. Stop by the Language Center for a great learning experience!

Virginia Oman
Virginia – Spanish Tutor


My name is Virginia Oman and I am a Spanish tutor at the World Language Center. I am a native Spanish speaker that enjoys foreign languages. I am also fluent in English and I can converse in French. I have lived in many foreign lands and I am very interested in other cultures. I am delighted to be working at the World Language Center sharing my knowledge about Spanish grammar, vocabulary and culture.  I look forward to helping the students excel in their understanding and use of the Spanish language. Bienvenidos!

Mounna website photo
Mounna- Arabic and ESL Tutor


I am Mounna Tamek. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies in Morocco. I am an ESL and Arabic tutor in the Language Center. I have also been working at the Reading and Writing Center for two years. I have met students from different backgrounds and I really enjoy the experience of meeting people and tutoring. I am currently taking classes at George Mason University with a major in English and a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. English is not my native language, but I know what it takes to learn a new language. The first time I came to the US, I was very shy. However, being a frequent visitor to the Language Center enabled me to meet phenomenal tutors who helped me overcome my fears. We are here to help you and with your persistence and determination, you will be able to achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to stop by. I look forward to seeing you!

Wilson Tosta
Wilson- ESL Tutor
Hi, my name is Wilson Tosta and I am new to the Language Center. However, I used to be an ESL tutor in the Atom’s Writing Center at Annandale high school before coming to NOVA. I feel exuberant to be part of the Language Center because as a former ESL student, I have experienced the difficulties of learning a language – especially English – and having to adapt to a new culture and environment. I moved to the United States in 2007 when I was 11 years old. I am thrilled to be able to help other students the same way I was helped when I was studying ESL. My degree at NOVA is Liberal Arts/Communication Studies and my desired major is a BFA in Theatre. My dream is to become a well-trained professional actor and a multi-lingual interpreter and translator. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I have been teaching myself Italian since the summer of 2014 and I plan to study abroad in Italy. I am also taking French. I enjoy working with languages so I am looking forward meeting you and sharing my linguistic knowledge with you at the Language Center.

Scarlet Goguen Pic
Scarlet – ESL Tutor


My name is Scarlet and I’m an ESL tutor at the Language Center. I’m from Brazil, so Portuguese is my native language and I speak Spanish as well. As an ESL learner myself, I love helping students understand the peculiarities of this beautiful, but challenging language. I am a Senior at GMU, getting my Bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. I love what I do, and pursuing a career in language teaching is my goal.



Rosa - Spanish Tutor
Rosa – Spanish Tutor


I’m Rosa Cecilia Williams. I started working at the Language Center almost a year ago. I love my job! It is a joy for me to help my students learn my native language “SPANISH”!! My goal is to make every single student successful and fluent in Spanish with outstanding grammar and pronunciation skills! I was a Spanish Tutor at the University of Alaska Anchorage for six years, also I was a language interpreter and translator at the Alaska Court House and I taught Spanish as a foreign language for six years at an elementary school in Alaska as well. I moved to Virginia 14 years ago, I had a wonderful experience working in Fairfax County Public Schools for 12 years. Please stop by the center even if you are not enrolled in Spanish, I’ll be happy to give you an introduction to my native language and Latin American culture! I also host the Conversation Café every week. You are welcome to come as well.

Alexia Paz Picture
Alexia – ESL Tutor


My name is Alexia Paz and I am an international student from Honduras. I speak both Spanish and English fluently and am currently majoring in Business Administration; I might specialize myself in International Business or Marketing. I am really looking forward to working with students in the Language Center as an ESL tutor.

I have past experience in teaching people reading and writing in English and I can see how important it is for people to make English their second language and I would really like to continue that among other people here in the States, considering the fact that English is a major part of education and success in this country. I am really looking forward to helping all those students out there who want to excel in their understanding of English! I am more than happy to help.

Jhoselin – ESL Tutor


My name is Jhoselin Vargas, I am super thrilled to be working as an English tutor this semester! I went through the struggles of learning English when I came to the country and I know how hard and frustrating it can be to have knowledge on your brain but not been able to express it. After getting out of my ESL classes, I used to volunteer in tutoring sessions for ESL student. My goal is to become an ESL teacher in order to help foreign students who come to the country with the desire of a better future, and I learned that if one has that desire, then nothing can stop you. Can’t wait to see you at the Language Center!

Hao Doan for website
Hao – French Tutor

Hello everyone,

My name is Hao Doan and I am a French tutor at the World Language Center. I am currently an international student from Vietnam at NOVA majoring in mathematics. My passion is learning new languages and getting to know new cultures in the world. I’ve been learning English and French for 10 years and now I am fluent in Vietnamese, English and French. Just like many others, I have been through many difficulties in learning the French language and I would love to share my experiences with you as a tutor. Meet me at the World Language Center and I will try my best to help you achieve your goals.

Hung – ESL Tutor

Hello everyone,

My name is Hung Ngo. I am an ESL tutor at the Language Center and I am an international student from Vietnam. I have studied English for almost 10 years. Teaching is the best way to study so I am really looking forward to learning from you and I hope you can learn from my knowledge too. I am interested in learning different types of culture and would love to have a conversation and practice English with you. English is not difficult if you work hard and do not give up. As with many other achievements in life, you will succeed one day.

Juliet – ESL Tutor

Hi, my name is Juliet and I’m an ESL tutor. I’m a native speaker and have been living in Virginia my whole life. I absolutely love learning about other cultures from around the globe and love helping others practice their English skills. I am currently in the process of learning Mandarin, so I understand how difficult it can be to learn another language. The most important thing is to never give up, to learn from your mistakes, and to keep an optimistic attitude. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with any questions you may have about the English language!

Diana Raiian
Diana – ESL Tutor


My name is Diana Raiian and I am an international student from Finland. I speak English, Finnish, and Russian fluently. Helping people is always been close to my heart and I am currently majoring in nursing.

As a former ESL student, I do understand the struggle of learning a new language; however, I also acknowledge that those struggles can be turned into victories with the right help. For me, the core belief is that a doctor can save a human life by performing a heart transplant operation, and teachers have the same power by reaching into children’s hearts by providing them an education. I do feel that with the help of professors who always were engaged and willing to go the extra mile if I asked for additional help or clarification, I became inspired to tutor others. The reason for being a tutor in the ESL Tutoring Center is that I love nothing more than to see students succeed in their academic studies.

Junko – Japanese Tutor


My name is Junko, and I am a Japanese tutor. I was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I am here to study English as well as my major, so I know how difficult it is to study a foreign language. It will be my pleasure to help students who are leaning my language, which is Japanese. Also, I am willing to share Japanese culture that you are really interested in. Hopefully, I can motivate you to study Japanese in your classes or outside of classes. I am looking forward to meeting those who are learning about Japan!



Lin – Chinese Tutor


I am Lin, an international student from China.  I became a Chinese language tutor because I enjoy sharing my Chinese culture with others.  I like communicating with others about travel experiences, cultural differences, and individual stories. If you are learning Chinese and have questions, please come to the language center on Tuesdays between 3-5pm! I am happy to help you!


Nira Nitschke CropHello!

My name is Nira Nitschke, and I tutor German in the Language Center. Having moved from Haltern am See, Germany in 2008 with my family, German is my native tongue. With very limited English communication skills upon my arrival to a foreign country, I understand the struggle of adapting to an unfamiliar language. For this reason, I am very excited to share my knowledge of the culture and language with you!


Meet the Staff!

Brian Adler – ESL Center Supervisor


My name is Brian and I’m the ESL Center Supervisor. Stop by CG 408 to explore some of the resources that are available to language students. Make an appointment to see a tutor, or log in to use a computer. We have a lot of language learning software that is free for students to use. Our staff is here to help and many of them were language students themselves, so they are familiar with the challenges that come with learning a new language. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We want to help you unlock your potential!

Maria Mabery
Maria Mabery – World Language Center Facilitator


My name is Maria Mabery. I’m the Language Center Facilitator. The language center is a wonderful place to get help if you are learning a foreign language. I have a lot of experience with both teaching and learning. I know how difficult it is to learn foreign languages. The center is the perfect place where you can practice outside of the classroom. Let’s have a great semester and see you at the language center.


Hyojin Shin - Desk Assistant
Hyojin Shin – Desk Assistant

Hello, everyone. My name is Hyojin Shin, a lab assistant at the language center. Since I was an international student, I often come here to ask the tutors for help and use a variety of software programs. The tutors and the programs were really helpful for me, so I strongly recommend you come here and take advantage of the resources as much as you can. If you have any questions, please let me know. I am more than happy to help you. I hope you have a great semester and see you all at the language center soon.